Zomcraft unblocked has similarity with a Minecraft. At least the graphic is in the same format. But in the Zomcraft you need to survive zombies and other players who play online. In the game, you can build stuff, craft items which you can use to gather more resources and in the end invade enemies. This game is a role-playing game with a survivor style of play. You need to survive to be the winner. The main goal is surviving, but you also need to collect points to climb the leaderboard. Get surviving points by killing zombies and performing various actions int he game.

How to Play Zomcraft.online
Playing Zomcraft is easy, you use WASD keys to move your character, at the same time you use the mouse to turn in each direction. With a click on the mouse you can make actions and depend on the item in your hand you can shoot, cut, chop or do any other action. Look for food and for the water. These items can boost your energy and keep you alive for a longer time. If you are unable to attack then build defensive stuff like walls or even traps. With traps, you can keep monsters away from you.