This game is very similar to the moomoo.io so if you are fan of moomoo.io game zombs.io will be the right choice for you. First what you have to do is build a base, because zombies will attack you by the night. Pick the nice spot and start to collect resources. In the center of the base you have to place your gold mine, that is what you have to basicly protect.
When the night is approaching you will see notification and you have to hurry to build a base. To create defense you can place turrets that will protect you but you have to have resources to build. Each tower you can upgrade so that game definitely has some long term value. Multiplayer is in zombs.io as well and you can co op with your friend but just for that you know when you play with friends zombies attack become more powerful as well. Control your character wit WASD and mouse. Enjoy!


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