Extremely simple game to play and even little kids can enjoy this funny action game with simple rules. All you need to do in the game is to color the paper with your type of color. But other players on the paper are doing the same thing. They will put their paint over your color, and you will lose points. Each slime cube can be leveled, and the ones with a higher level can eat small level cubes. Once you eat the other cubes, there will be a splash, and your color will be spread all over the paper. The game is played for 90 seconds, and in that period the biggest cube wins.

How to Play
It is very simple to play UNBLOCKED, all you need is a mouse. With the mouse, you choose the direction to which the cube will go and behind the cube will be a trail with your type of color. Aim to eat other smaller cubes but at the same time avoid at all cost big cubes. To take the lead from a leader, you need to follow him and paint his color with your color, and once he becomes smaller than you, you can even eat him.