Obsid.io is the game where you fight other players in a 2D map. There are three characters you can choose from: Chain, Simca, and Zeer’kaan. Each of them has its own special powers and abilities. Use the powers to kill other players. Each of the players will have color over its name, aim for the green ones because those you can probably kill and make an extra experience. Avoid red ones because they are more powerful than you are. The grey ones are not worth to fight because they are just too weak. With each kill, you will take 40% experience from the enemy, and if you just assist in a kill, then you will gain only 10%.

How to play Obsidio
The primary goal of the game is to survive and collect experience. With experience, you can level up and boost your powers to take even bigger opponents.

Use arrow keys to move your character on the map. “Q” key is for fast attack, “W” key is for slow but big damage attack. With “E” key you can evade an attack. Use “R” key for the special ability.

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