Created as an alternative to the famous game PUBG, is a fun game to play online on iogames. It is quite similar to When playing the game, get a weapon and vehicle then start hunting down your enemies. Eliminate and conquer all of them.

How To Play

Use the WASD keys to move around then find a melee and ranged weapons. Eliminate your enemies using the weapons. Collect crates to get extra ammo. Make use of vehicles for faster movement. Hide in the bushes to ambush your enemies and note that some may be hiding there too. Use your mouse to aim, left-click mouse or E button to attack your enemies, scroll or Q button to toggle between weapons, and C button to drop your weapon. Don’t leave the game arena as doing so will expose you to the deadly red gas which reduces your health. If the arena becomes too small, make use of the melee weapon to enhance your accuracy.

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