UNBLOCKED devast io Devastio game is one of the best browser based survival games. The game has everything one surviving game needs. You can fight other players, but most importantly you can craft various things that can make your game experience better. This is not some boring battle royale game where all you need to do is shoot other players. In this game, you need to learn skills, gain levels and craft things that can help you in surviving. The game is kind of complex and you will need to learn how to play it. You will need to know what item is good for what.

How To Play
You can use the mouse in the game and point and click on many elements. Because of that, I suggest using the mouse most of the time. But to move your character on the map, you will need to use arrow keys or WASD keys. With a left mouse click, you will attack an enemy. E key is a standard key that is used to take action, pick up things or do something. You will need to use M key for the map, and C key is for crafting. Click C, and you will see how much things you can build. The only obstacle to building everything are resources which of course you need to gather.