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Adobe will stop support for all flash in 2020. That means that developers will no longer make games in Adobe Flash. In fact, developers already moved to more advanced code, HTML 5. Majority of the popular browser games is made in HTML 5. Flash technology has its purpose in the 2000s, served us good and allowed us to play video games from the browser without needing to download anything. But at the same time this technology was slow, most of the time it was crashing browser and eating too much of a memory. Because of that reasons developers were seeking new advanced ways of putting games on the browser.

At that time, in the 2000s, you would think the flash is the future, but the technology advances in its own way. Flash will be abandoned, and new HTML 5 technology will be standard. That is good for the gamers because the new technology allows more powerful games to be played on the browser. Nowadays you can play first-person shooters with amazing graphics all in the simple browser. Fast action games can be played, racing games, everything in a browser, without crashing and without bugs. The future is in HTML 5 gaming. Many big games developers are working on HTML 5 games, and in the near future, we will see new HTML 5 games that will leave us breathless.

In 2020 all the flash games that don’t get converted to the HTML 5 version will disappear. Chrome already blocks flash games, and in 2020 they will not work in any browser. And that is good news for the gamers because that only means that if you are web browser gamer, you will never get on a page with a slow flash game. The games in HTML 5 technology open fast and are more smooth to play.

HTML 5 is the future, first time HTML 5 was announced in 2011 and today already all the decent browsers are compatible with HTML 5 content. In just a few years HTML 5 become standard. And in the near future, we can see even more advanced HTML 5 games.

Top 5 Most Advanced HTML 5 Games

Pocket Island

Pocket Island is one of the most amazing town simulation games made with HTML 5. The game is playable in a browser and the goal in the game is to build the big and beautiful city. In the game you can build houses, buildings, roads, practically you can do whatever one city needs to have.


One of the most fantastic graphics is found in a futuristic racing game Hexgl. The goal in the game is to drive the futuristic vehicle as fast as possible. Collect speed boost and go as fast as you can. In this game you can see how powerful is HTML 5, in this high quality graphic the game is fast and smooth without any bugs or memory leaks.


For all the Tetris lovers there is a HTML 5 version of Tetris called Mimstris. And to tell you the truth it is the precisely the same game as Tetris. Only difference is in colors and stability of the game. HTML 5 version of Tetris is stable as it gets. The gameplay is smooth without any lag or anything that may interfere with lousy play.


BrowserQuest is just a reminder how far can an HTML game get. In this multiplayer game you are on the quest. Before you enter the game, you will create character. After that game is played by merely controlling the character with the mouse. You can fight monsters, collect items and meet other real people. The good thing about this game is that your game is automatically saved and next time all you need to do is open the game and continue with the game where you left it.


Pacman is still the game everyone knows. Even after so many years everyone knows how to play Pacman. HTML 5 developers made a Pacman version that will stay on the browser for the following decades. Gameplay is simple, eat dots and avoid ghosts. Pass the levels by eating all dots. There are many levels to pass and you will have lots of fun by playing this advanced version of Pacman for a web browser.

Html 5 games have the future even if the flash will be disabled in 2020 and no longer supported by the browsers. Above in the top HTML 5 games list you can see that the games for a web browser are getting better and better. Some games are even played in a multiplayer mode with people all over the world. That is the future of the web browser gaming and we will most probably see more titles for multiplayer gameplay.