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Shooting games unblocked are one of the most popular games played. It all started with games like Quake and Wolfenstein. Players just loved to play these first-person shooting games. Today most famous games in the genre are the survivor or battle royale games. Multiplayer shooting games are the most popular games played online. Millions of people play PUBG and Fortnite. But these games can be played only with gaming hardware that costs thousands of dollars. And even if you have the gaming hardware, still you will need to download the game on your hard drive and pay for it. These games are not cheap, and some of them cost over $30.

Because all the facts against wasting money on gaming, you can still enjoy popular shooting games by simply playing them on the browser. And that is the most significant advantage of HTML 5 or flash games. Flash games were very popular, but also limited. Thanks to the HTML 5 advanced features the games made for the browser are no worse than most popular downloadable games. You can enjoy all kind of shooting games, first-person shooting games, 3D shooting games, 2D shooting games and all other variations of the games that have more or less shooting.

The Future of HTML 5 is Bright

HTML 5 is not new anymore, it exists for several years, and developers have polished their skills and made some amazing games. They made many popular shooting games that people all over the world play by only using the browser. Now you can find popular games on the internet, and the number of shooting games made for the browser is increasing as we talk. Flash games made for browser have the future and will not go away. Many big studios see that and decide to make games dedicated exclusively for the web browser.

Top HTML 5 Shooting Games


SpaceBloop is inspired by old arcade games played in space. You have a ship which needs to destroy the enemy by shooting at them. These type of 2D shooting games were very popular on arcade stations. The graphic in SpaceBloob is not the best, but the gameplay is excellent. There is a real strategy behind the boss fights. If you love space shooting games then this one is highly recommended. Battle Royale

Without a doubt I need to say that Battle Royale has a much better graphic than most of the HTML 5 games. Maybe secret behind the excellent graphic is simplicity in characters. is the web browser version of the most famous battle royale games (PUBG, H1Z1, Fortnite and other similar games). In you play the game in 2D mode by controlling your character. The goal is same as in all other survivor games, be the last man standing.

Starship Alliance

Starship Alliance is a fantastic shooting game in space. You have a nice battleship, and you need to destroy enemies. Enemy comes in various forms, from small ships to big ships. Also they come in waves, so the goal in the game is to clean as much waves as you can. The ship has shields so make sure you pick up shields or else your hull gets damaged and in the end the ship will explode.

Cartoon Strike

Cartoon Strike is first-person shooting game made for a web browser. The developers are working on steam version of the game, but the web browser version is quite good. You have a team of terrorists and militia. Each team consists of several players, and the game is simple deathmatch. The goal is to kill as many opponents as you can and win the deathmatch.


Duel is for players who are advanced in a shooting games. Players that just need some extra from the game. In the Duel you are facing AI, 1 on 1 and the AI is not bad. In fact many players will have problems playing against this advanced AI. The goal in the game is to destroy AI vehicle by shooting with three different types of weapons. Don’t worry AI has the same weapons, but he is executing them in perfect harmony. Can you beat the AI in this advanced shooting game?

Web browser shooting games are fun, exciting games with lots of action. Sometimes the action in these games is so fast that a mediocre player will not like. And sometimes the graphic in the games will make you think that this is not a web browser game. In the above mentioned list of top 5 shooting games made for browser I am sure you will find the best shooting game for your likes. Have fun and let the best shooter wins!