If you are into fast-paced action games with lots of fighting going on, then the is the perfect game for you. In this magnificent and well-done game, you have a character which can carry various melee weapons. At the start, you will have a simple club. The club is not strong, and you should switch it with something better as soon as possible. But to get other weapons, you will need to earn some money. In fact, you will need to level up. If for some reason you don’t like a club, you can use a baseball bat. The game is fast, and you need to be careful not to run on someone with a big sword, or they will cut you very fast.

How to Play
The game is not hard to play, all you need to do is navigate your character on the big arena with lots of enemies. Once you get closer to the enemy, you simply click the mouse. The keyboard is not needed for the game because your character will walk in the direction you are facing, use the mouse to change direction. To make a speed boost click right mouse button. Collect orbs and upgrade your weapon. The sooner you upgrade your weapon, the faster you will collect multi-kills.