UNBLOCKED Battlepoint io Battlepointio game

If you are searching for a browser game that can be played like a PlayerUnknowns Battleground, then the is the right thing for you. In the game, you need to survive and kill other players all over the world. You need to collect weapons, ammunition and other items that may help you in surviving a deadly battle against various opponents. I have found out that the shotguns are really good in this game. It is very good to pick a shotgun if you are new to the game because with a shotgun even if you miss your target you may inflict some damage.

How To Play
The game is simple to play, you use WASD keys to move. With an E key, you can collect things. Use numbers 1 and 2 for switching weapons. Make sure that when you are switching weapons, there is a small delay in reloading the weapons. In case you are in a hot battle maybe it will be better to seek shelter before you switch weapons. You are also able to throw grenades using a G key. To be the last man standing you need to use the good tactic, buildings, cars and all other shelter that map provides. That is the only way you can become the best in this game.