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Racing games unblocked are extremely popular among the kids and young adults. Young adults can learn some basic car maneuvers by racing in the games. The most popular racing games gamer got the opportunity to drive in a 24h Le Mans race, and he did it well. The racing games today are extremely realistic and if you have a wheel and pedals just for playing racing games the feel is real. Thanks to the HTML 5 and advanced technology now this advanced racing games equipment can be used in a web browser games.

The most popular game in a racing franchise is without a doubt Need For Speed serial. The game is so popular that they even make a movie about it. The movie is not so good as the game. But the same type of games can today be played only in a browser. And the good thing is that there are web browser games which you can play in Multiplayer mode. Multiplayer racing is extremely popular and being a part of the multiplayer community is what makes the racing games the most popular genre. You can race with your friends or against anonymous people all over the world.

Racing simulations are also the popular type of racing games. In these games, you can really learn how to drive a car. In fact, you can prepare yourself for a driving test by merely playing car simulation games. I know it works, many people pass the driving test that way. If nothing else it can not hurt to play a simple car driving simulation games.

Top HTML 5 Racing Games

Pico Racer

Pico Racer is made for all the old gamers who loved to play Buggy Boy and Pole Position back in the day. Now you can refresh your memories with a Pico Racer. The goal in the game is very simple, you just need to be fast and turn laps before time ticks away. There are many levels and if you are a good racer, you will not have problems playing the highest levels. I must warn you that the graphic in this game is not the greatest, after all it is made for Pico console, but you can without a problem play this game on the web browser.

Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters is more like a simulation than racing game. You can drive over 25 different cars. In the garage, you can change parts, do tuning and make your vehicle visually attractive. The game is real simulation of a drifting car. Once you set up your car for a race then you can choose the track and try to do as many drifts as you can. The graphic in the game is amazing, and you would never say that this game is playable in the browser. But this game can also be played on your mobile phones.

Multiplayer F1 2018 Racing

If you love formula one racing, then you must try this game. In the game you are racing against other people all over the world. The map is simple but still entertaining because you can pass other players without a problem if you can drive at full speed through the curves. In the game you will create a username and you will be ranked on the leaderboard.

Offroad HD 2016

Offroad is another fantastic car driving simulation only here you are driving trucks off the road. You can also customize the engine and visual effects of the car. You can change colors and engine power. Money is the essential factor in the game because all the things you wish to change will cost more or less money. The maps are hard, and you will need to practice some off-road driving if you want to collect that money.

Dungeon Racer

In Dungeon Racer you need to rush through the dungeon and collect gold. You need to watch on the fuel bar and make sure you always have a full tank. The game is a mix of racing game and shooting game. In the dungeon you will find monsters which you can destroy with the guns. You can shoot from each side of the car as well as in front of the car. Graphic in this game is not bad and I am sure you will waste some time playing this game.

Racing games are fully transformed, you can play them in the browser and they are not ugly. The graphics in most of the web browser games is decent, but there are games that have better graphic than some of the downloadable games. Formula one racing game is one of the most popular online games, all you need to start driving a formula one is a web browser and some balls.