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Football is the most important secondary thing in the world. When World Cup in soccer is on TV, the world stops spinning, all men but lately also the women watch the games. Everybody talks about soccer. Because of that worldwide popularity football games are one of the most famous games. There are various types of football games.

Football games can be put into several categories: management, action, strategy and simulation games. Each of this type of football games is different from the other. In Football management games you are managing a team, just like a real manager. You are not really playing the games, but you can choose which player to play and on what position. One of the worldwide favorite game is Football Manager, but many other football managing games are enjoyable to play.

Action football games are the one where you directly control each player. You can decide what to do with each player in real time, you can make a pass, shot on goal or tackle. The most popular game in this genre is without a doubt Fifa. Every year Fifa releases a new game, but there are many Fifa like games which you can play on the web browser.

Strategy and simulation football games are the ones that are played from the browser, and often these are multiplayer games. You control one team and play against other human controlled teams. These type of games are very popular because everyone wants to have the best football team in the world.

Top HTML 5 Football Games

Joga Bonito

The game is nothing special, but all soccer enthusiast will love to play and remember the soccer semifinals in the Brazil 2014 between Germany and Brazil. The score was 7-1. The game is about getting to that score as fast as possible because scoring 7 goals in a real match is nearly impossible if both teams are well trained and serious about the game. After you make the fastest way to the correct score, you can share your result with the friends over the Facebook. That is an excellent way of remembering them of the Brazil embarrassment especially if you are Germany fan.

Captain Football Euro 2016

The game puts you in a captain role whose job is to go past the defense and score the goal. The road to the glory is not easy, you will need to dodge tackles, collect balls and all to make the last shot on the goal. Game is played in rounds, by collecting coins you can unlock other teams and play with them. But the gameplay is same, you need to win the round to get to the finals. This game is action football game and will require focus and good reflexes.


BoloBol is an action game for two players. If you have a friend and you guys, want to play some soccer, but the rain is outside, in this game you can have some fun while it rains. Each player controls his ball, and the goal is to put a big soccer ball in the goal. First one to get to 5 goals wins. The game is playable on one keyboard and all you need is web browser.

Real Soccer

Real Soccer lets you control the whole team. You can pass the ball among the players and make shot on the goal. Also you can control goalkeeper. The game is simple to play and lets you select a team. Each team has its own skills and abilities which makes this game a strategical football game. The only problem I see in this game are characters, they are maybe too small.

Penalty Shooter

Soccer games can be simple as Penalty Shooter. In this game all you need to do is save penalties as a goalie and score as a shooter. Saving a penalty is hard and in this game you should focus to score all the penalties and if you do manage to save one or two, it will only mean you will win the match. In the game you can select a country and a club. The names of the clubs are not real, probably because of license. But still Penalty Shooter is a good game to have some soccer action.

HTML 5 football games developers are focused more on the action games as you see from the best football games mentioned above. Management and strategy in these games is secondary. But that does not mean you can’t have a fun by shooting some balls in the goal. I highly recommend you to play BoloBol if you have a partner, I am sure you will have a good time playing a hot seat football game on the web browser